Different Types of Massage London

Massage in London is not only a method of relaxation, but also a method to treat different diseases. Here are some of the techniques applied by the therapists of those saloons. However, remember that doing this might be of help, but a visit at the local saloon is mandatory at least once a week. Call our Agency and make a book for the best escorts in London.

Massage in London

1. Swedish massage

The Swedish service is a gentle method, which is gentle, and it usually consists of long squeezing moves along the muscles. This technique is considered perfect for releasing stress, but it is not that great when used for medical purposes.

2. The profound massage

This technique contrasts with the Swedish one, as it stimulates the internal layers of the muscles. With light kicks, and with an intense pressure, the profound massage unblocks tension and ameliorates the muscle pains. The Swedish service contains some of those techniques, but pressing is more intense. A good therapist uses elbows for this, but the technique must be applied carefully, as it could lead to injuries.

3. The pre-natal massage

The pre-natal service is a combination of Swedish service for general relaxation, and the muscular one, which has the purpose of releasing the discomfort specific during pregnancy. The pregnant women can sleep easily after this, and the organism is also ready for giving birth.

The Massage London saloons have special therapists for this. Pre-natal service is a combination of massage and medical techniques, and this is why those can’t be made by anyone.

4. Erotic massage

This type of service is not only good for sportsmen, but for any person that had an intense physical activity. Especially after injuries, this type of service helps rapid recovery, and also eases the pains after intense effort.

Erotic massage is more intense than other types of massage, which can be made after effort to release the tension, but it is also great after an intense competition.

5. Rolfing

This is not exactly a type of massage, but more like a therapy that helps the body to regain its right position, to remove chronic diseases, and to reduce anxiety.

Pregnant women and people that have problems with bones should avoid this method.

6. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is only applied in the specialized Massage London Salons. It includes a variety of techniques, which are based on water. Seawater, even ice, showers and baths can be used. Some devices allow the patients to remain dry during this massage, as a thin plastic foil covers the entire body. This way, the water works its therapeutic role, but the clothes and the skin of the patient remain dry.

The hydrotherapy is great for people that suffer from arthritis and for pregnant women.

7. The suction therapy

This is one of the oldest techniques, which is based on suckers. It was invented n China, and it implies usage of suckers, so the skin would be lifted inside.

The suckers, which are popular everywhere in the world, stimulate the circulation of blood, eliminating the toxins from skin and muscles. Those are usually applied on the back.

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